How It Works

Zimbra is an enterprise-class of email and collaborative solutions which comprises features like a task management system, document management system, calender management system and other advanced search options. Mail, document, calendar and address book etc can be shared with internal and external users in a secure way. It gives users the flexibility to work virtually from anywhere using tablets, mobile, laptops etc devices.
BROSS ITSMe employs one of the most experienced Zimbra Collaboration Suite professionals, who have been using, maintaining, deploying, and managing Zimbra servers for customers located all over the world.
We have been using Zimbra Collaboration Suite since 2006! It has been a great journey, we have been there when Zimbra owned Zimbra, talked to Vmware as well as Synacor employees and still trust this product to this day. It is our most recommended and supported product and we know it back to front!

On-Prem or On-cloud Distribution :

ZCS allows distributIon to the local level or through Network connectivity providers and SaaS and Cloud Internet Service provider certificates. Zimbra supports multi-tenancy and delegated administration to configure domain settings or administration settings for restricted account.

Zimlet and Integrations :

You can extends the functionality of the email allowing secure collaboration with external applications via API and Zimlet such as SugarCRM , Salesforce , Webex , Asterisx.

Modern, Responsive UI

Users move seamlessly between desktop, mobile and tablet browsers with a consistent email and collaboration experience. And they can toggle between the Modern UI and our Classic UI.

Security, Privacy & Data Sovereignty

Zimbra’s dependable server infrastructure for the security, privacy and data sovereignty Zimbra customers expect

Save Cost :

The adoption of the Zimbra Collaboration solution allows, for companies, government agencies, universities, and service providers, a reduction of initial and overall costs of licenses, hardware, expertise and goodwill.