Server management

Server management is the maintenance and management of the web, DB, mail or another server to keep it running in top condition. Today IT server management is not an option, it’s an essential requirement for every company. Poorly managed or unmanaged servers usually end up getting hacked, important data loss and downtime. It will result in business loss due to downtime, harm your reputation and drag your existing customer away to your competitors. While the properly managed server will make your life easier and you can concentrate on managing your sales and marketing to grow your business.  Today, many hosting companies provide VPS, cloud and dedicated servers but don’t provide server management services and solutions.
Hiring local dedicated Server Management Staff to manage your servers will cost you both time and money. First of all, you will have to train them in Windows and Linux Server management, Also you will have to keep them updated with the latest technology in managing servers. That’s why most companies outsource their server management tasks to a good server management company, as outsourcing provides excellent quality support at an affordable price.  Choosing the best server management company is not an easy task. BROSS ITSMe outsourced support is fully white-labelled. We become an internal and integral part of your business, so you will feel like you have an internal IT team instead of an external support company. Also, your customers are never going to know that you have outsourced your IT support team to a server management company.

Server Management Service

Your servers are the heart of your IT Infrastructure. Any downtime means a massive loss in productivity for your end-users. That’s why installing, securing, maintaining and managing your vital business infrastructure is critical to your business success. That’s why BROSS ITSMe is here. We will help you to sleep well & spend more time on your business.  We support both Linux and Windows Servers. This will include server management, server monitoring, unlimited hours of system administration tasks, server security hardening, security auditing and performance tuning.


BROSS ITSMe is a global leader in providing outsourced server support services. We are aware that each business is unique and has its own set of IT and server support requirements. That’s why we also provide custom-tailored server support services to meet the individual need of the customers at affordable rates apart from our regular server support plans. Our mission is to provide high-quality Windows & Linux server management & server support for CentOS, RedHat, Ubuntu, Debian and Windows Servers
Our staff have been providing professional business IT services to customers from all over the world since 1992. Our CEO looked after various systems since the early days, becoming an expert in Novel Netware, Linux and Windows servers, and infrastructure, becoming a great IT Manager in the early 2000s and an IT business owner in 2006. He was able to build a solid team of IT professionals, now offering the best, highly tailored, efficient, server support services as BROSS ITSMe.

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Server Management

BROSS ITSMe provides maintenance and management of the web, DB, mail or another server to keep them running in top condition. Today IT server management is not an option, it’s an essential requirement for every company.

Cloud Infrastructure

BROSS ITSMe provides customisable cloud infrastructure packages that allow you to choose from a variety of private cloud and public cloud solutions.

Managed IT Security

EU’s General Data Protection Regulation and Australia’s Notifiable Data Breach are applicable to most businesses in Europe and Australia.

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BROSS ITSMe offers tailored business consulting and advisory services in business strategy execution, finance, and operations.