How It Works

The “cloud” is the delivery of services over the internet, and it has changed how many companies do IT support. You may be familiar with software that runs on the cloud rather than in your physical office. Now, entire file servers and work computers can live on the cloud.
Who owns and operates your work cloud? If your services are run on a “public cloud,” it usually means a third-party provider such as Microsoft Azure, Amazon, Microsoft or others rents you the space you need.
A “private cloud” is a system used exclusively by a single company. In our case, we run a private cloud system whose servers live in highly secure European, USA and Australian data centres. From there, our clients have access to their exclusively allocated cloud space.
The advantages of using comprehensive cloud services include lower costs, high speed, and top security standards.
Here at BROSS ITSMe we can offer you to have your servers deployed in your own private cloud, which we will set up for you or we can locate them in your preferred Cloud solution provider or our own Cloud data centre. We will not force you to use our cloud, we are extremely flexible and happy to cooperate with any cloud provider out there.