Cloud Infrastructure

Variety of private cloud and public cloud solutions

BROSS ITSM provides customisable cloud infrastructure packages that allow you to choose from a variety of private cloud and public cloud solutions. We can then integrate hybrid architectures into your business strategy, and securely migrate workloads to encrypted public cloud-based platforms. Our IT security solutions will help bolster your defence across your public cloud platforms and data centres (private cloud).
We will empower your organisation through efficient and effectively managed cloud infrastructure services. You will also have a personal IT team that monitors and manages your cloud infrastructure for the support you need, when you need it, and quite often before you know you need it. Our team is certified and trained in multiple software and cloud solutions. 
We use Open-Source as well as commercial monitoring software, are proficient in a vast variety of off-the-box solutions, happy to manage, deploy, and monitor cloud servers located anywhere in the world and with any providers, for example, Contabo, Hetzner, Digital Ocean, Linode and others.

Infrastructure as a Service

BROSS ITSM Migration Services will help your organisation migrate or “lift and shift” your on-premise or collocated IT infrastructure to public cloud infrastructure. The highly qualified and experienced team at BROSS ITSM can help you through the design, planning and migration stages with minimum disruption to your business operation.

Managed services

Most cloud providers, including our own cloud at BROSS ITSM use a powerful combination of cloud infrastructure resources that enable you to configure, deploy, scale and manage applications across a global network of data centres. While the solution benefits your purpose with massive horsepower, scalability, and flexibility, it is also detailed and complex. We can decipher it, offer suggestions about the right combination that suits your needs, and set it up on your behalf.

Our Services

Wide variety of IT Services


Server Management

BROSS ITSMe provides maintenance and management of the web, DB, mail or another server to keep them running in top condition. Today IT server management is not an option, it’s an essential requirement for every company.

Cloud Infrastructure

BROSS ITSMe provides customisable cloud infrastructure packages that allow you to choose from a variety of private cloud and public cloud solutions.

Managed IT Security

EU’s General Data Protection Regulation and Australia’s Notifiable Data Breach are applicable to most businesses in Europe and Australia.

Business Consulting

BROSS ITSMe offers tailored business consulting and advisory services in business strategy execution, finance, and operations.