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Efficient Support

We have a 100% customer retention rate which is very rare in the industry and that speaks volumes. We provide proactive support services, most of the time we know about your problem and are fixing it before you even contact us!

Wast Experience

As IT rapidly evolves, Our simple solutions make working easier, we love using open-source solutions, and we know how to deal with vendors and 3rd party providers. We have decades-long experience and it counts!

Why Us

Enhance your productivity

Improve performance

Improve the performance of your
system to match the needs of
your business.

Solve technology puzzle

Now you can leave all your Technology
related issues to Paragon
IT Team.

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Say goodbye to an email response
hours after you logged an
urgent job.

Our Services

Wide variety of IT Services


Server Management

BROSS ITSMe provides maintenance and management of the web, DB, mail or another server to keep them running in top condition. Today IT server management is not an option, it’s an essential requirement for every company.

Cloud Infrastructure

BROSS ITSMe provides customisable cloud infrastructure packages that allow you to choose from a variety of private cloud and public cloud solutions.

Managed IT Security

EU’s General Data Protection Regulation and Australia’s Notifiable Data Breach are applicable to most businesses in Europe and Australia.

Business Consulting

BROSS ITSMe offers tailored business consulting and advisory services in business strategy execution, finance, and operations.

Web Services

BROSS ITSMe is a revolutionary web design and development agency, dedicated to offering a personalized experience in web designing, web development, graphic designing & digital marketing. As a leading agency in providing e-commerce solutions, BROSS ITSMe is committed to aiding businesses to achieve new milestones in their respective industries with the help of our dependable team of certified experts!

Our portfolio of products



Here at BROSS ITSMe we can offer you to have your servers deployed in your own private cloud, which we will set up for you or we can locate them in your preferred Cloud solution provider or our own Cloud data centre. We will not force you to use our cloud, we are extremely flexible and happy to cooperate with any cloud provider out there.



BROSS ITSMe employs one of the most experienced Zimbra Collaboration Suite professionals, who have been using, maintaining, deploying, and managing Zimbra servers for customers located all over the world. 
We have been using Zimbra Collaboration Suite since 2006!



At BROSS ITSMe, we have a dedicated team of data backup experts that provides end-to-end data protection and disaster recovery support. They will also help you in lowering compliance-related risks and associated costs. Maximize the value of managed data backup investments with us.